The Latest Progress in Huawei's 'Nanniwan': Smart Hog Raising Program

Though much of the details are unavailable from the public, Huawei's hog raising solution reportedly provides services like herd monitoring and accompanying data and computer vision-based analysis, as well as prediction and even decision making.

Hardware Wallets for China's Digital Yuan Sprung up During Spring Festival

Wang Boyuan · February 23, 2021

Hardware crypto wallets in the shape of a copper coin, a walking cane, and a pair of gloves are shooting up like bamboo during the Chinese New Year, enabling early adopters to make crypto transactions physically and completely offline. The master plan is that the earlier these wallets can get to the market, the better chance the DCEP gains even greater momentum and expand beyond the country's borders via foreign visitors to the Winter Olympics.

From Powerbank Maker to Gadget Powerhouse: Anker Achieves 70 Billion Market Cap

Aron Chen · February 20, 2021

The founder of the best powerbank seller on Amazon wants people to rediscover his company, as those packaged batteries actually count for less than 10% of Anker's revenue now.

Baidu's Underdog Days May Finally End as Growth Diversifies, Revenue Beats Estimates

Rebbeca Ren · February 19, 2021

After years of miserably following trends to no avail, the company's bet in technological innovation is finally paying off.

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