Genshin Impact receives rare commission cuts from Tencent's app store

It's an unprecedented concession Tencent has made in front of its challenger.

The instant success of Universal Beijing resort is another proof of foreign investment's confidence in China

Rebbeca Ren · 4 hours ago

Tactful American brands are noticing the value of China's massive consumer market and expanding their presence in the region.

Microsoft AI chatbot spinoff Xiaoice unveils a "virtual island" to strengthen interaction between human and AI

Aron Chen · September 23, 2021

Xiaoice.AI, a Chinese-language anthropomorphic chatbot business spun off from Microsoft, seek to further deepen emotional connection between human and AI with its new AI-powered social network platform "Xiaoice islands".

Southeast Asia's Sea aims to be the next Amazon

Rebbeca Ren · September 22, 2021

The next steps include launching e-commerce services in Poland, India, and Argentina, and rolling out TikTok-like product in SEA.

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