Xiami Music

Xiami Music's Closure Triggers Rethink of Alibaba's Rapacious Acquisitions

Alibaba's mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. It turns out doing business under Alibaba's banner had been hard for many of its acquisition targets.

China’s Ongoing Capital Market Reform: Better Serve Real Economy and Attract Foreign Investors

Rebbeca Ren · January 14, 2021

A record $214 billion in foreign funds have poured into higher-yielding Chinese bonds and stocks in 2020.

Xiaomi's 2020: Very OK

Wang Boyuan · January 12, 2021

Xiaomi's resilience is probably the best example of how a Chinese company could fight in an era of uncertainties.

Keep, the Chinese Counterpart of Peloton, Raises 360 Million in Latest Funding Round

Rebbeca Ren · January 12, 2021

Keep's latest valuation is less than one-tenth of Peloton's market cap, but there is still considerable room for growth.

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