U.S. Subsidiary of Huawei Cut Administrative Ties with Parent Company

According to Reuters, Futurewei Technologies, a Huawei fully-owned U.S. entity, which received Department of Commerce sanctions long before Huawei did, is now cutting ties with its parent company.

Sneaker Fever in China: Domestic and American Resellers Want to Share a Piece of Cake

Rebbeca Ren · June 21, 2019

A Chinese resale platform even uses blockchain technology to record the authentication process for each sneaker, but some customers still prefer purchasing from overseas websites.

China’s Mid-Year Shopping Festival Sees the Rise of Chinese Domestic Brands

Ran Yu · June 20, 2019

Diversity, differentiation, good quality, intelligence, and innovation of products make Chinese domestic brands more competitive and powerful.

With Little or No Guarantee of Jobs, Chinese STEM Students Still Eye U.S. Education

Rebbeca Ren · June 19, 2019

When U.S. tightens control on overseas students in STEM majors, it is poised to lose a significant portion of highly educated and diversified workforce, while countries like the UK and Canada are gaining momentum.

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