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Zoloz's e-KYC technology opens a new chapter in digital banking boom

Zoloz, an electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC) technology provider, is riding on a wave of digital transformation in banking. With its financial-grade technology, Zoloz provides banks and financial institutions a more efficient off-the-shelf solution that greatly reduce complexity in identify verification and authentication processes.

Fintech Boosts Tencent Earnings After Gaming, Social Media Subside

Han chen · December 3, 2019

As major competitors take away users' screen time, causing stagnation in its ads and gaming divisions, Tencent shows its strong footing with a leap in its fintech sector, which outpaced the growth of its overall revenue.

No Plane, No Train: How China's Social Credit System Deals With Those Who Lost Theirs

Ran Yu · November 30, 2019

Despite being lauded by many, the punishments debtors receive in China went a bit beyond and are detested by people in the business world.

Amazon Attempts yet Again to Make Black Friday a Thing in China--With Pinduoduo's Help

Rebbeca Ren · November 29, 2019

In a country where its citizens' buying power is already depleted after the Nov. 11 shopping spree, the two-week-late Black Friday was never a thing. Could that be changed this time?

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