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China's online brokers tap Singapore's retail trading boom

The city-state is considered a critical link for them to open up the rest of Southeast Asia.

China to strengthen rules of how electric vehicles use data amid privacy concerns from the public

Aron Chen · May 10, 2021

Internet-enabled intelligent vehicles are routinely recording the driving history to better protect drivers' safety. However, smart vehicle companies have attracted scrutiny from regulators after tons of case filed by consumers, complaining about cars' quality and technical issues. These issues raise awareness for data safety and usage.

Is Weibo no longer the top choice for foreign celebrities jumping on the Chinese social network hype?

Chen Du · May 7, 2021

Maye Musk joined Xiaohongshu recently, sparking thousands of comments about her book, choice of fashion, potential illness judging from the color of her tongue, and her son's company's gross mistreatment of Chinese consumers.

Massive Demand and Foreign Sanctions Send China’s Big Techs Into EV Making In Flocks

Aron Chen · April 30, 2021

Despite the fact that government subsidies towards NEVs are scheduled to phase out soon, Chinese tech giants remain steadfast in believing that making smart electric cars is the right move.

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