Tencent Music

Faced with 500,000 yuan fine, Tencent Music Entertainment to give up exclusive label rights

Tencent had already lost exclusivity with the global top 3 labels. Now more of its exclusive licenses with domestic and asian labels, as well as rights to music from popular reality shows, will be stripped away too.

Why Chinese tech firms giving back weekends to employees?

Rebbeca Ren · July 23, 2021

Experts believe that China's Internet industry has bid farewell to rapid expansion, and it is more important to adhere to long-termism.

How netizens came together via shared docs in Henan floods relief

Aron Chen · July 22, 2021

Tencent Docs and other shared docs platfrom became vital rescue platfrom thanks to the voluntary and anonymous actions initiated by the Chinese netizens.

Vivo and Oppo will have in-house chips for their smartphones too

Aron Chen · July 22, 2021

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo and OPPO have joined Huawei and Xiaomi in a semiconductor race to develop their mobile chips.

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