Chinese 5G Provider ZTE Seeks a Way Out of the US Ban

Like Huawei, ZTE, with a Chinese background, also faces resistance in Europe.

Baidu Increases Bets on Livestreaming and Short Video to Fend off Rivals

Aron Chen · November 23, 2020

As Baidu's 3 years of effort in livestreaming reached nowhere near rivals ByteDance and Kuaishou's level, the company is making a final push by merging internal products and acquiring Joyy.

iPhone 12 Mini Appears to Have 5G Overheat and Camera Focusing Issues

Chen Du · November 21, 2020

Apple says it's aware of the issues but hasn't provide a definitive answer on a fix.

On the Verge of Bankruptcy, Chinese Apartment Rental Company Danke Evicts, Instead of Protecting Innocent Tenants

Rebbeca Ren · November 18, 2020

As a "middleman landlord", the Chinese apartment rental company collects fees from tenants, but fails to pay the real landlord on time amid a potential cash flow collapse.

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