AI NPCs are the future of gaming: leads the way with its revolutionary GAEA system

Advanced AI NPCs will bring more diverse storylines, providing players with an immersive and unpredictable game experience-just like Westworld.

TikTok CEO faces questioning from US lawmakers over security concerns related to the app

Rebbeca Ren · March 24, 2023

Representatives from both parties voiced worries about TikTok, but offered no evidence of the app harming US national security interests

Temu owner PDD Holdings sees surge in revenue and marketing expenses in Q4

Rebbeca Ren · March 21, 2023

While PDD's revenue growth was lower than expected, it outperformed its Chinese competitors.

Baidu shares slumped for the “underwhelmed” Ernie Bot debut

Zijing Fu · March 16, 2023

Baidu's Robin Li says pre-trained large language models will be “a game changer for cloud computing”.

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