Tencent trademarked metaverse

September 17, 2021 0:51 am

According to Qichacha, an app that delivers business data, Tencent has recently applied for a “QQ metaverse” trademark under the “design and research” category. The application is currently under review.


This isn’t the first sign that Tencent is tapping into the metaverse sector. Tencent has already applied for many trademarks related to the metaverse, such as “Timi metaverse,” “Peace metaverse,” and “Kings metaverse” since the beginning of September. “Timi” refers to Tencent’s Timi gaming studio, while “Kings” and “Peace” refer to two of Tencent’s mobile games.

Tencent released the game “Roblox” by Roblox Corporation in July. Roblox, a popular virtual gaming platform, is often considered one of the most successful attempts at metaverse. Its IPO earlier this year was praised for being “the No.1 metaverse stock”.


The metaverse concept has been buzzing since the beginning of this year. As video gaming and social networking appear to be the starting point for metaverse, tech giants in China have jumped on board, evident by Tencent and ByteDance’s recent fight over the acquisition of Pico, a Chinese virtual reality (VR) headset brand. ByteDance eventually won with a higher bid of 5 billion yuan ($773.20 million), showing how valuable the metaverse market is.