ByteDance's Newly Established Gaming Unit Acquires C4Games to Further Expand Its Game Business Into Oversea Markets

April 14, 2021 3:08 pm

Beijing (PingWest)- Nuverse Games or Zhaoxi Guangnian in Chinese, which is the gaming unit of China’s Bytedance, has acquired C4games, as the TikTok owner is seeking to expand its game business into oversea market.

Founded in 2011, C4 games is Beijing-based developer and distributor for online games, running and developing popular titles including Red Alert online and Depose girls.

The acquisition of C4 games follows similar move made by Bytedance In March when the  Tiktok owner acquired Moonton Technology, the developer of popular mobile games-Mobile Legends:Bang Bang.

According to mobile analytic firm Sensor Tower, C4 games’ Depose girls ranked 3 places on the list of “China’s top grossing mobile games in China”, Mihoyo’s Genshin Impact, NetEase’s Knives Out took the first and second place.

In February, Bytedance launched a brand and official website for its gaming unit Nuverse Games, signaling its ambition to further penetrated into the China’s burgeoning gaming sector dominated by Tencent and NetEase.

Nuverse has launched first batch of games in China, including Rules of Survival, Blades of the Guardians, Fairy Cats; Miracle Love, Burning Streetball, Terminal Battleground All Star Fight, Portal Man and Naruto; Slugfest.

ByteDance started its gaming venture in February 2019 when when Douyin, TikTok’s Chinese version, released its first in-app mini game and Jinri Toutiao, Bytedance’s owned news aggregator app had pre-marketed the mini games on its personalized news distribution platform in January.