Hong Kong Listed Inke Removes Clubhouse-Like App Duihuaba From App Stores

February 24, 2021 0:43 am

Beijing (PingWest)- Hong Kong-listed live-streaming firm Inke has removed its Clubhouse-like app Duihuaba from app stores as China’s Great Firewall blocked Clubhouse for online security concerns. 

The huge popularity of U.S audio app attracted large interest in China after Tesla founder Elon Muck opened chat room on it to talk about hot topics such as Gampstop buying spree earlier this month.

According to Chinese internet consultancy iiMedia Research, there are more than 100 teams in China including Duihuaba developing products in the audio-based social media sector.

Unfortunately for Duihuaba, it was in China on February 9, a few days after the its new users surged as Clubhouse is prevailing in Silicon Valley. Now users of Duihuaba can not find Dhuihuaba app on App’s App Store and Android stores.

The features of Duihuaba seems to be quite similar to Clubhouse, such as a similar looking user interface.

Some Chinese tech companies are racing to create a home-grown version of Clubhouse to try to ride on new wave, but many industry analysts doubt about the feasibility of invite only social audio apps as it could face some hurdle and restriction from Chinese officials.

In an interview with local media, the developers of Duihuaba said they have only took four days to create the app. As of February 2020, Duihuaba had 4,000 registers users and 1,000 active users within only a week since it was released on February 7.