ByteDance Launches Official Website of Its Gaming Business

February 23, 2021 5:49 am

Beijing (PingWest)—ByteDance has launched an official website for its game business, with the Chinese name "Zhaoxi Guangnian (朝夕光年)" and the English name NVERSEGAME.

It's the first time that the name of ByteDance's game brand has been officially determined. Zhaoxi Guangnian was established in 2019 and has previously been a ByteDance game publishing and production organization.

According to reports, Zhaoxi Guangnian has published a bunch of games in China, like ‘All Star Fight’, ‘Blades of the Guardians’, ‘Cat of Spirit’, ‘Naruto: Ultimate Duel’, ‘RULES OF SURVIVAL’, ‘JJ Street Basket’, ‘Art of War: Red Tides.’

The social media giant's move into the game sector begun in February 2020 when Douyin, TikTok’s Chinese version, released its first in-app mini-game, and Jinri Toutiao, ByteDance’s owned news aggregator app had pre-marketed the mini-games on its personalized news distribution platform in January.

Based on a report by The Information, ByteDance more than doubled its revenue in 2020 to about $37 billion. On Douyin, the Chinese iteration of TikTok, 50% of its revenue came from gaming-related advertising. At the end of the year, ByteDance had 29 gaming companies and a dozen studios.