Alibaba opens its AI model to the public

September 13, 2023 4:55 pm

Alibaba said on Wednesday it would open its artificial intelligence model Tongyi Qianwen to the public, signaling that it has obtained regulatory approval in China for widespread commercialization of the model.

The Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Division revealed that several organizations, including OPPO, Taobao, DingTalk, and Zhejiang University, have entered into collaboration agreements to either train their own extensive language models or create language model applications utilizing Tongyi Qianwen. This information was shared in a post on their WeChat account.

Alibaba Cloud has announced that it will soon open-source a larger-scale version of a big model for free use by society as a whole. Alibaba Cloud aims to collaborate with the entire industry in building an open-source ecosystem for large models, reducing the barriers to entry for their use, and making big model technology more accessible to every company and individual

In June, Shanghai Fudan University and Alibaba cloud have jointly unveiled what they call the country's biggest cloud-based platform for academic research and intelligent computing.

The cloud-based scientific research and intelligent computing platform called CFFF (Computing for the Future at Fudan), it was officially launched at Fudan University on June 27th. It was designed to train large AI models, such as large language models (LLMs), for the purpose of scientific research.

In China, authorities have ramped up their initiatives to bolster companies involved in AI development, reflecting the growing importance of this technology as it becomes a focal point of competition with the United States.

Several entities have obtained approval from Chinese authorities for their large language models (LLMs), signifying that their generative AI-related services, including chatbots and text-to-image tools, are now eligible for public release.

In addition to Alibaba, Baidu, SenseTime, Baichuan Intelligent Technology, Zhipu AI, and MiniMax have introduced their generative AI offerings to the general public.