Chinese Apple Homekit device provider Terncy is said to terminate operations

September 8, 2023 4:42 pm

Terncy, a Chinese provider of smart home devices, may be experiencing severe operational difficulties, as it has ceased operations on all major e-commerce platforms and is being pursued by its merchants for debts.

The Shanghai and Shenzhen-based company focuses predominantly on manufacturing Apple Home-compliant devices. According to webpage archives (in Chinese), Apple removed its products from its online store in China as early as July 14.

On Tmall, another significant platform, their official store currently offers only two products, and customer service is unresponsive, deviating from the norm of immediate dealer responses during business hours.

A Chinese smart home planner and influencer disclosed to PingWest that Terncy's dealers had been informed of a "liquidation." They hypothesized that poor sales performance may have led to this circumstance and suggested a possible business acquisition.

Screenshots sourced from separate Terncy tech discussion groups (in Chinese) expressed similar concerns, with partners worrying about deposits and undelivered units.

According to the Chinese business database Tianyancha, Terncy is entangled in a lawsuit (in Chinese) filed by a plastic case manufacturer. The dispute over a sales and purchase contract commenced its initial trial in Shanghai earlier this week.

The company’s official social account on Weibo, a Twitter-like platform, was tagged (in Chinese) as “the qualifications of the company have not undergone annual review.”

As of the press time, Terncy has yet to respond to PingWest regarding these matters.

Terncy was a pioneer of HomeKit adoption in China, introducing the country's first HomeKit-certified gateway when it was founded in 2015.