Apple features podcast episodes recommended by Chinese celebrity Xu Zhiyuan

August 1, 2023 0:32 am

Apple features podcast episodes under a new section recommended by a Chinese celebrity Xu Zhiyuan recently in China.

The Cupertino tech giant introduced an editor choice column Listen With You (our translation) for its Podcast app in the Chinese mainland in July. Renowned writers, artists, producers, journalists, internet celebrities, and podcast creators will share the programs they are currently listening to via the column, helping users discover new exciting content.

Xu Zhiyuan, a journalist and essayist, is recognized as one of the co-founders of One Way Space. Prior to this, Zhiyuan was a contributing columnist for Financial Times Chinese. His work gained further acclaim as he offered insight and conversation as the host of the popular interview program, Thirteen Guests.

Now there’s a page of Xu in the Podcast app, listing three recommended cultural channels, including BB Park, Left Right, and Tightening Screws (our translation) as well as episodes he guested.

Apple has been marching on the localization of its Chinese content. Its recent effort involves partnering with Chinese podcast platform Ximalaya (also known as Himalaya) to host content last month.