Elon Musk launches xAI to compete with OpenAI and Google

July 13, 2023 10:10 am

Elon Musk unveiled his own artificial intelligence company called xAI, positioning it as a competitor to OpenAI, the organization responsible for creating ChatGPT. Musk has accused OpenAI of political bias and irresponsibility, prompting him to establish xAI as an alternative player in the AI industry. With this move, Musk aims to offer an AI platform that he believes is more impartial and accountable.

During a Twitter Spaces event on Wednesday evening, Elon Musk elaborated on his strategy for developing a safer artificial intelligence. He outlined that xAI's approach would involve fostering a "maximally curious" AI system instead of directly programming it with a set of moral values. By prioritizing curiosity, xAI aims to create an AI that continuously seeks knowledge and understanding, which Musk believes will result in a more beneficial and responsible AI overall.

The goal of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe,” the website said

The start-up, xAI, has assembled a team of former researchers from OpenAI, Google DeepMind, Tesla, and the University of Toronto.

The xAI team will receive guidance from Dan Hendrycks, the leader of the Centre for AI Safety, an organization based in San Francisco that advocates for caution in the rapid development of AI. Hendrycks will serve as an advisor to xAI, bringing his expertise and insights on AI safety to ensure responsible and mindful progress in the field. With his involvement, xAI aims to prioritize the ethical considerations and potential risks associated with AI development.