Hao Chen, founder of cloud-native startup MegaEase, passed away

May 15, 2023 11:09 pm

PingWest has learned today that Hao Chen, the founder of MegaEase, a big figure in the Chinese tech community, perished on May 13th due to an abrupt cardiac arrest at the age of 47.

With years of experience in building technical architecture, Hao Chen established MegaEase with his partners in 2017, aiming to reduce cloud computing costs for small and middle-sized companies. 

The startup emerged as an active contributor on GitHub, diligently managing multiple open-source projects and willingly sharing the fruits of its labor with the wider community.

Prior to founding the company, Hao Chen worked as a software development expert at Thomson Reuters, Amazon, and Alibaba Cloud. 

His influence radiated beyond his professional sphere as his insightful tech blog postings and technological perspectives sparked inspiration amongst a legion of young programmers. Hao Chen was not merely an entrepreneur; he was a beacon of knowledge and a pillar of support in the tech community, admired for his inherent kindness, sincerity, and generosity in sharing knowledge.

Upon the solemn news of his passing, tens of thousands of users poured into his Twitter feed, offering their poignant expressions of condolence.

Hao Chen was a close friend of PingWest. In early February, he shared his insights into the cloud computing industry with PingWest, and showed MegaEase's future development plan.