WeRide provides autonomous driving technology for Nissan's robotaxi trial in Suzhou

March 14, 2023 10:00 pm

Nissan has recently announced that their autonomous Robotaxi project has begun trial operation in Suzhou, China. The project, launched by Nissan Mobility Services Co., Ltd., will be supported by WeRide's autonomous driving technology.

During the initial testing phase, the autonomous taxi will cover the core area of Suzhou High-speed Rail New City and public roads. Local residents in Suzhou can use the "e23 Travel" mobile app to call Nissan's autonomous taxi and go to the designated pick-up point to experience autonomous driving. A virtual assistant will accompany passengers and give voice commands, ensuring a comfortable journey.

According to Nissan Mobility Services, the autonomous taxi project will be based on Nissan's flagship model, the Nissan Leaf. The company also stated that they will continue to work with WeRide to accelerate and expand the landing and operation of Nissan's autonomous taxi in China.

Nissan's collaboration with WeRide is not the first time the two companies have worked together. According to public information, WeRide was established in 2017 and is a leading L4-level autonomous driving technology company that has already conducted autonomous driving research, testing, and operations in more than 25 cities worldwide. WeRide is dedicated to developing safe and reliable autonomous driving technology, with its commercial application scenarios covering intelligent transportation, intelligent freight, and intelligent environmental sanitation.

In late 2019, WeRide became the first company to launch a commercial Robotaxi fleet in a major Chinese city, and began offering services to the public in Guangzhou. The Robotaxi fleet used Nissan's electric model, the Sylphy series. Nissan was also one of WeRide's previous investors. This history of collaboration between Nissan and WeRide indicates a shared commitment to the development and commercialization of autonomous driving technology, which bodes well for the success of Nissan's latest autonomous taxi project in China.