Well-Link Technologies secures USD40 million in B2 funding round led by Temasek

September 26, 2022 10:05 pm

Well-link Technologies, a Chinese cloud gaming service provider, has secured US$40 million in its B2 funding round from investors led by Singapore state investment firm Temasek.

Other investors participating the round also include Future Capital and CDH Venture and Growth Capital. According to Chinese businesses registration and information provider Tianyancha, smartphone maker Xiaomi and Chinese gaming unicorn miHoyo are also the investors of Well-link.

Founded in 2019, Well-Link focus on providing solution for video cloud computing in China, dedicates to enhance the efficiency of remote collaboration. It has helped miHoYo to launch the cloud version of the hit gacha game Genshin Impact.

In addition, the company is also exploring how its real-time rendering tech apply to virtual reality and other areas.

Well-Link’s service offerings such cloud rendering uses multiple servers on the cloud to enable much faster processing speed than a single computer, offering users a smooth gaming experience with just a small file download.

For example, the cloud version of Genshin Impact process 78.5 megabytes on Apple’s App Store in China, compare with the exponentially larger 3.7 gigabytes for the non-cloud version.

Well-Link claims its revenue for each of the last two years has booked a whopping 400% growth rate, which make it to reach revenue of several hundred million yuan

Well-Link’s CEO Guo Jianjun is confident in the country’s future developing, saying that the company has ample amount of money to support its research and development.

“It was difficult to raise funds during the pandemic, but we will stick to our fundraising plan and keep growing,” Guo said.