Chinese digital marketing service provider Yeahmobi stock soared 50% after IPO launch

August 19, 2022 5:01 pm

On August 19, Yeahmobi, a global digital marketing service provider, launched its IPO in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which quickly rose 54.29% at the time of writing, from 18.18 yuan/share to 28.05 yuan/share, making the company’s valuation exceed 13 billion. The proceeds will be mainly used for the programmatic advertising platform upgrade, and R&D center construction, according to Yeahmobi.

According to Yeahmobi’s prospectus, it is exploring big data, machine learning, AI algorithms and other cutting edge digital marketing technologies, and has used firewall encryptions in order to protect the data they store.

Yeahmobi is the first unicorn company born in XiAn, a city in Western China, and the one of the first global digital marketing service provider founded in China. Founded in 2011, the company currently has subsidiaries in multiple cities in China and in the U.S., India, Germany, Japan and Korea. Yeahmobi covers more than 238 countries and regions, and has formed partnerships with worldwide social media platforms and information providers such as Google and Facebook.

The company counts Alibaba, Tencent, Netease, Bytedance, Kuaishou and iQiyi as its clients, and it’s main business includes effect advertising service, brand advertising service and media account management service.

In terms of overseas markets, Yeahmobi’s considers the US as its largest source of revenue. In 2019 to 2021, Yeamobi achieved 713 million yuan, 531 million yuan and 743 million yuan revenue respectively, in the US, which accounts for 28.58%, 21.41% and 21.7% of its total revenue.

In recent years, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Yeahmobi was able to maintain growth. The company’s revenue from 2019 to 2021 was 2.49 billion yuan, 2.48 billion yuan and 3.42 billion yuan, respectively. In the last two years, the cumulative net profit of reached 470 billion yuan.

The company is expecting a  revenue of 1.299 billion yuan to 1.719 billion yuan in the first half of 2022, which would amount to a year-on-year growth of 19.76% to 6.18%.