Huawei to invest $200 million in helping developers succeed globally

August 19, 2022 7:05 am

On August 18, Huawei, the ICT giant and maker of Harmony OS, announced its incentive program for all developers in the Harmony OS ecosystem at an industry conference. The company is to offer $200 million worth of traffic support, media resources, and promotional events to developers who wish to explore the global market.

Huawei has more than 20 years of globalization experience, and has established businesses in more than 170 countries and regions around the world. Huawei’s Terminal Cloud Service has been exploring globalization since 2017 and has completed over 50 products, which can offer assistance to developers, such as complying with local regulations, providing insights and experiences in local markets and widen the promotion channels.

At the conference, Huawei experts with experiences in Middle East Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America shared their insights on the challenges of each market. For example, the Middle East Africa market has a dense population and distinctive culture and habits, and has great potential for entertainment, social and content apps.

Huawei emphasized the importance of understanding markets from a local point of view before serving the markets, and the importance of hiring and leaving more decision power to local staff. Huawei Terminal Cloud itself has 8 regional centers in the world, which are staffed with more than 50% localization employees.

The localization team can help overseas developers cultivate the markets, with Huawei’s 24 localization resources, including AppGallery, Huawei terminal traffic, and marketing and promotion events, says the company.

Currently, Huawei has three main distribution channels, including AppGallery, AppTouch, and HUAWEI Ads. AppGallery has reached 580 million global monthly active users by June 2022, and currently ranks among the top 3 mobile application distribution platform in the world. AppTouch has aggregated more than 60 telecom operators worldwide, reaching over 400 million users. HUAWEI Ads has more than 42,000 media partners worldwide, and the number of its advertisers has increased 7 times comparing to last year.

Huawei also has two services dedicated to two popular sectors for Chinese businesses who wish to expand overseas — cross border e-commerce and gaming. For cross-border merchants, Huawei’s Petal Engine solution would serve as a site-building tool, with pre-built functions which allows merchants to launch a site as quickly as in three days. The solution is more efficient when coupled with the AI-powered Petal Search, which can make specific product recommendations based on factors such as the current weather.

For game developers, Huawei has proposed a co-operation strategy, which would offer more incentives for games that are firstly or exclusively published with Huawei Channels. The co-operation strategy has been proven to be successful with a recent project — “Age of Apes” by game studio Tap4fun. During the testing period of “Age of Apes”, Huawei provided testing analysis, tuning suggestions and usage research analysis to content optimization, which increased the game retention rate by 15% in the early stage.

Meanwhile, Huawei and Tap4fun collaborated on localizing the marketing strategy for the game, and planned community activities to boost the game’s popularity, which increased the reservation rate by 6 times during the promotion period.