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Tencent Cloud launches Large Language Models-as-a-Service

Rebbeca Ren

posted on June 20, 2023 2:46 am

The leap in performance capabilities of large language models, represented by OpenAI's GPT-3.5, has brought new development opportunities for the tech industry.

In order to help enterprises that want to integrate LLMs to solve problems such as high training costs, data security, and lack of expertise, Tencent Cloud launched a one-stop "Model as a Service (MaaS)" on Monday.

Tencent Cloud MaaS provides multiple built-in high-quality LLMs, covering various industries such as finance, media, tourism, manufacturing, etc., allowing enterprises to customize fine-tuning work or conduct further training work on top of these models.

It also provides a comprehensive set of LLMs-related tools, including data labeling, training, evaluation, testing, and deployment. 

Possessing sufficient computing power is fundamental to the training of LLMs models, and in this regard, Tencent is in a leading position.

To address the computing bottlenecks that often hinder LLM training in China, the tech giant launched a High Performance Computing Cluster (HCC) in April. The cluster features Tencent's self-developed StarLake server and Nvidia's latest H800 GPU — the first of its kind in China — ensures optimal performance, high bandwidth, and minimal latency, thereby facilitating large model training, autonomous driving, and scientific computing.

The company is focused on broadening the scope of China's LLM ecosystem through active collaboration with clients and partners. Together with its clients, Tencent has introduced over 50 LLM-powered industrial solutions spanning more than ten industries, as revealed by Tang Daosheng, a senior executive vice-president at Tencent and chief executive of its cloud and smart industries group, at the MaaS launch event.

"We will assist its clients in training multimodels and speed up exploration of applying LLMs in more industrial scenarios," said the executive.

Major Chinese cloud providers such as Alibaba and Baidu are also seizing these opportunities by launching a suite of LLM-enabled cloud services.

Other than the industrial LLM service launched on Monday, Tencent announced that it will soon launch an AI assistant for online meetings, providing services such as key information extraction, taking meeting notes, content analysis, and meeting management; as well as an AI code assistant offering a copilot service similar to GitHub's.