Making the Tech World a Little Bigger


Like any global company, Amazon has to think about the local. At Amazon’s re:Invent conference for their web services, we helped them organize a special China session to talk directly with Chinese clients and address their unique needs.


To see what a car is truly made of, it needs to be on the road, not in a showroom. Which is why we took a group of Tesla owners on a roadtrip like no other: across the roof of the world, from Qinghai to Lhasa, and livestreamed the journey.


When Google wanted to reach out to local app developers, we carried out a survey study and, based on the results, organized a five city tour across China that brought Google engineers face to face with more than 3000 impassioned developers.


VR is still in its infancy, and both companies and users face a steep learning curve in figuring out how to approach it. So when a company like Facebook experiments with how to create VR avatars, it needs more than just to make users aware of it; it takes more in-depth content, that can explain, demonstrate, and captivate.


Build Some Bridges


No Noise. Just What Matters

April ,26
Where Is Xiaomi’s Place in the AI Future?

iaomi recognizes the importance of AI, but it's not throwing its weight behind AI R&D. So just how does it expect to survive?

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