Gogoro's battery swapping station officially expands in Mainland China

October 11, 2021 7:55 pm

Taipei-based scooter maker and battery swapping service provider Gogoro today announced the opening of Huan Huan, the official name of Gogoro's battery swapping station in Mainland China. 


The company has partnered with local escooter giants, Yadea and Dachangjiang (DCJ), to open 45 battery swapping stations in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Accoring to the announcement, there will be 80 Huan Huan stations in Hangzhou in the next three months, and the expansion to other cities will begin in 2022.

The three parties announced a joint venture called Ai Huan Huan in May this year. As for the local partners, DCJ is one of the biggest domesitc motorcycle makers, and Yadea is among the top electric two-wheel companies in China. 

At the news conference, the two motorbike makers also unvealed new models of scooter that will be compatible with Gogoro’s battery technologies and standard.


There are currently more than 25 brands competing in China for battery refueling service for electric scooters. 

With nearly 300 million riders on the road, China is the world’s biggest two-wheeled vehicle market. In 2020, according to China Youth Daily, there emerged more than 1,400 new companies related to such services.

In May, authorities approved the first national swappable EV battery standard and safety guidelines, which are set to go into effect on November 1.

On August 1, Regulations on Fire Safety Management of High-Rise Civil Buildings was took into effect. The rule, issued by Ministry of Emergency Management, was considered the strictest in regulations on the parking of e-scooters, to avoid fire accidents.

The regulations prohibit parking or charging of electric scooters in public halls, evacuation walkways, stairwells, and safety exits of high-rise civil buildings.

In the meantime, the regulations encourage the establishment of centralized storage and charging areas for electric scooters in high-rise residential communities, according to AP news.