Huawei Starts Selling Electric Vehicles in Flagship Store Across China

April 22, 2021 6:09 pm

Beijing (PingWest)- Huawei Technologies Corporation has started to sell smart cars in its flagship stores across China, as the company continue to seek for new revenue streams after its revenue slide amid U.S sanctions.

Seres SF5, an extended range electric vehicle jointly launched by Huawei and carmaker Seres, is the first smart car to be marketed and to be sold by Huawei in its stores.

SF5 is equipped with Huawei’s HarmonyOS-based HiCar system and has a driving range of up to 180 kilometres in electric-only mode and over 1,000 kilometres in extended-range mode.

Sers also claims the SF5 can hit 100km/h from a standstill in 4.7 seconds.

HiCar system allows drivers to control their cars with smartphones, and can connect the car to other smart devices such as TVs, air conditioners and others.

The 2021 Seres SF5 will be sold through Huawei stores located in China from the price between CNY216,800 and CNY246,800.

Speaking at Shanghai auto show on Sunday, Wang Jun, president of Huawei’s intelligent automotive solution business units, said the company is looking to offer smart car solution, including hardware and software, to carmakers around the world. Meanwhile, smartphone competitor Xiaomi has also said it is looking to build electric vehicles in Great Wall Motor factory.

During the Shanghai auto show on Sunday, Chinese carmaker Arcfox launched the first EV equipped with Huawei’s smart x`intelligent auto solution system,

In May,2020, Huawei reached an agreement with 18 Chinese car companies to establish 5G car ecosystem, aiming to accelerate the commercial application of 5G technology in the automotive industry.

According to Huawei’s official website, these companies are: FAW Group, Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Group, SAIC Group, BAIC Group, BYD, Great Wall Motor, Chery Holdings, JAC, Yutong , Ceres, Nanjing Iveco, T3 Chuxing.