Baidu Tops Autonomous Driving Road Test in Beijing For the Third Consecutive Year

February 5, 2021 7:05 pm

Beijing (PingWest)- Chinese search engine and artificial intelligence giant Baidu completed the most road test for autonomous vehicles in Beijing in 2020, this is the third consecutive year in which Baidu has retained its leading position, according to the 2020 Beijing Autonomous Vehicles Road Test Report recently published by the government officials.

According to the report, Baidu topped its peer it all four categories, including number of vehicles for general technology testing, number of vehicles piloting autonomous vehicle passenger service, number of vehicles carrying out fully driverless testing, and total mileage of testing

 To be specific, Baidu operated a fleet of 55 autonomous vehicles on the roads of Beijing in 2020, accounting for 75% of the total number of vehicles that conducted automated driving tests in the city.

Baidu has so far accumulated 1,125,305 kilometers of total testing distance, accounting for 95.92% of the total autonomous vehicle testing distance in the municipality

Beijing has strict requirements for driverless road tests. As of December 31, 2020, Beijing has issued general road testing permits to only 14 companies including Baidu.

In December, 2020, Baidu has obtained greet light from transport authorities in Beijing to conduct fully driverless road tests for its autonomous vehicles, making it the first and only company to be permitted to conduct driverless test.

To obtain the permission, a company must meet requirements include obtaining T3 or higher testing ability, completing more than 30,000 kilometers of safe test driving on open roads and pass an evaluation on a closed course. Baidu has achieved all of those conditions.

Baidu was also the first company to operate autonomous car service operating in Beijing.

Baidu’s Apollo Go robotaxi service operates in area encompassing 435 miles of road with 100 pick-up and drop-off stations across several residential and business areas.

Apollo Go fleet will start operation with 40 autonomous vehicles in Beijing, the autonomous robotaxi will have a safety driver behind the wheel to supervise the vehicles, but the ultimate goal is to offer a complete driverless taxi experience.