Chinese State Media Urges Tougher Curbs on Algorithms Used by Online Platforms

January 30, 2021 10:05 am

Beijing (PingWest)- China should ramp up efforts to tighten regulations on the use of algorithms by internet platforms, protecting the privacy of online users and cracking down on illegal web traffic, state newspaper the People’s Daily said.

The comments made by the state media came after criticism earlier this month by the China Consumers Association targets at internet companies which illegally use personal data and mislead people to purchase on their platform.

Algorithms can cut costs by matching needs to services, but some platforms infringe consumer rights by “improper application of algorithms” to invade privacy and direct web use, the paper said in an editorial on Thursday.

Late last year, China's top policymakers have set the economic priorities for next year in the key Central Economic Work Conference held in Beijing.

In a speech at the conference, Chinese president Xi Jinping, reviewed the country's economic work in 2020, analyzed the current situation and arranged the economic work for next year.

The meeting listed anti-monopoly supervision as one of the key tasks for next year, vowing to prevent disorderly capital expansion.

The authorities said that in order to regulate online platforms that have been criticized for monopoly issues, they will formulate digital economic rules, provide clear definitions of what constitutes a monopoly, and also shed light on proper data collection and use.