Tencent Rumored to Propose Settlement Agreement With US Government to Lift WeChat Ban

September 28, 2020 11:33 am

BEIJING (PingWest) — WeChat proposed a settlement agreement with US Government to allay data security fears, according to court filings.

Clay Zhu, managing partner of DeHeng Law Offices' Silicon Valley office and one of the initiators of the non-profit organization US WeChat User Alliance, told media outlets that one document among the US Department of Justice's filings to the court disclosed that Tencent, parent company of WeChat, proposed a solution to settle the social media app’s current threat to be banned. 

The proposed solution includes the following clauses:

  1. Creating a US version of WeChat only for U.S. WeChat users.
  2. Taking relevant measures to secure source code of that US version.
  3. Storing US WeChat user’s data in cloud that operated by US companies.
  4. Tencent will establish a new US company to operate business. The new company’s organization structure shall be approved by the U.S. government.
  5. Source code of the US version of WeChat shall be reviewed by independent third parties to prevent any possibility to pull strings.
  6. Setting up a notification system to regularly submit the data audit and data transmission report of US version of WeChat to relevant departments of the US government.
  7. Establishing strict data management system to restrict WeChat employees to visit user information.
Photo: iFeng Tech
Photo: iFeng Tech
Photo: iFeng Tech
Photo: iFeng Tech