Baidu's Owned Haokan Video Hires Ex-ByteDance's Xigua Video Executive

September 9, 2020 5:25 pm

Chinese search engine and artificial intelligence Baidu, has appointed Song Jian as the general manager of its short-video and livestreaming platform Haokan.

Song Jian is former Head of ByteDance-owned Xigua Video.  

As general manager , Song will lead Haokan’s growth plan and improve management efficiency as it looks to build more knowledge base video content for 200 million users.

Song Jian will report to Baidu executive vice president Shen Dou.

Song Jian has more than five years of experience in senior management role in livestreaming and short video sector. Prior to his new role in Baidu, he served as a general manager of Jinri Toutiao’s video segment in 2015, where he was responsible for multiple segments of business operations. Mr. Zhang was also one of the founding members of Douyin, where he participated in system construction for video content management and design, platform operations, and marketing.

Haokan was launched in 2017 first as a platform hosting videos lasting about 15 seconds and then it was and upgraded to allow video lasting up to five minutes in April 2019.

Baidu launched its short-video service called Haokan in November, 2017, but it has lagged behind its rivals including ByteDance’s Douyin and Kuaishou. As of April 30, Baidu’s Haokan has approximately 30 million daily active users.

Livestreaming has been around for years in China , but until recently, the livestreaming sector has seen a spike in both revenue and online users amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

In May, aidu has announced a plan to invest CNY500 million into its live-streaming services, aiming to cultivate 1,000-star content creator amid a surge in users of live streaming service during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile, Baidu announced a series of measure to support the development of its live streaming business, including hundreds of yuan subsidies to content creators and directing more resource and user traffic to high-quality content creators and developers.

Baidu executive vice president Shen Dou once has said that the development of livestreaming services will enrich Baidu’s content, as a result, boosting the company’s core internet search service.

With Baidu’s two core business of search and artificial intelligence, Baidu has competitive advantages to capitalize on the growing popularity of livestreaming, which has become an important medium for acquiring knowledge, entertainment and shopping, said Shen Dou.