TikTok Opens Its Algorithm to Regulators and Slams Facebook for the Unfair Attacks

July 30, 2020 0:11 am

Beijing (PingWest)—TikTok announced that it’s taking new measures to give outsiders access to the algorithms it uses to sort and share users’ videos, and it will be letting experts “observe our moderation policies in real-time.”

In a blog post published Wednesday, TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer said,“We believe our entire industry should be held to an exceptionally high standard. That's why we believe all companies should disclose their algorithms, moderation policies, and data flows to regulators. We will not wait for regulation to come, but instead TikTok has taken the first step by launching a Transparency and Accountability Center for moderation and data practices." 

This move will put TikTok a step ahead of the industry and challenged rivals to follow suit, said Mayer.

The CEO also accused Facebook of using patriotism as an unfair way to attack the Chinese-owned short video app.

“At TikTok we welcome competition. We think fair competition makes all of us better,” Mayer said. “But let’s focus our energies on fair and open competition in service of our consumers, rather than maligning attacks by our competitor — namely Facebook — disguised as patriotism and designed to put an end to our very presence in the U.S.”

Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon will face the antitrust panel of the House Judiciary today. In Zuckerberg’s prepared remarks, published yesterday, the Facebook CEO presents the competition between Facebook and its foreign rivals as an ideological battle. 

“We believe in values — democracy, competition, inclusion and free expression — that the American economy was built on,” wrote Zuckerberg. “Many other tech companies share these values, but there’s no guarantee our values will win out. For example, China is building its own version of the internet focused on very different ideas, and they are exporting their vision to other countries.”

The CEO previously used TikTok as a demonstration of why American tech firms need to be free to counter the rise of China. 

Recently, the Trump administration stated that it is "considering" banning TikTok and other Chinese-owned platforms.

"Without TikTok, American advertisers would again be left with few choices. Competition would dry up and so too will an outlet for America's creative energy," Mayer pointed out in his post, adding that they are willing to take all necessary steps to ensure the long-term availability and success of TikTok.