Huawei to Build USD1.2 Billion British Research Centre

June 27, 2020 11:31 pm

Beijing (PingWest)- China’s Huawei Technologies has received green light to build a USD1.2 billion research and development facility in United Kingdom.

The nine-acre facility in Cambridge will create around 400 new jobs and will focus on producing optical equipment used in fibre-optic communication systems. Huawei said in a statement.

 The technology developed at the new center was separate from that targeted by the U.S. restrictions, according to Huawei Vice President Victor Zhang.

In order to develop the new research and development center, Huawei began working on the project since 2017 and acquired the 500-acre development site near Cambridge, Victor Zhang said.

The investment comes at the time when Huawei is facing tight scrutiny from British official who is undertaking a new security review of the company. In January, Prime Minister Boris Johnson granted Huawei a limited role in building out the UK’s 5G wireless network, capping Huawei’s involvement at 35%. However, since then, he is under pressure from lawmakers and the U.S Trump administration to ban Huawei.

In a separate announcement on Friday reported by local medias, Huawei lost the bids for Singapore main 5G networks to Ericsson and Nokia. Singapore Telecommunications, the country’s largest telecom operator, chose Ericsson AB and Nokia Oyj as their main 5G network providers, leaving Huawei with less significant roles in building out 5G network in the city state.

Additionally, A joint venture between M1 and StarHub awarded one of the city-state’s 5G licences to Nokia and the Finnish company will build its radio access network.

The venture said it was also exploring other network parts with Huawei and China’s ZTE.