Huawei Said It Will Seek Solutions to US Tech Restrictions

May 19, 2020 5:26 am

Beijing (PingWest)—Huawei said on Monday that it will do everything in its power to find a solution to the US government's latest restrictions, which will block the Chinese telecommunication giant and its suppliers from using US technologies to design and manufacture semiconductors, China Daily reported.

According to the company, this new rule will impact the expansion, maintenance, and continuous operations of networks worth hundreds of billions of dollars that Huawei has rolled out in more than 170 countries.

The US Commerce Department rolled out a new rule last week, restricting Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC and other major suppliers to provide semiconductors to Huawei.

Then, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce responded that if the US does so, it will implement an "unreliable entity list," some US companies including Apple, Qualcomm, Cisco, Boeing, maybe put on the list. 

Later on Sunday, the ministry issued a statement on its website, demanding the US government to stop taking export control measures, and promising to take all necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.

To comply with the new export controls, TSMC, the world’s largest contract semiconductor maker, has stopped taking new orders from Huawei, Nikkei Asian Review reported on Monday. Orders taken before the ban or already in production will not be affected, if they can ship before September 14, said the report.

"Huawei is undertaking a comprehensive examination of this new rule. We expect that our business will inevitably be affected. We will try all we can to seek a solution. We hope that our customers and suppliers will continue to stand with us and minimize the impact of this discriminatory rule," Huawei said.