WeChat Teams Up with Guangzhou Government to Host Livestreaming Shopping Festival

May 13, 2020 3:25 pm

Beijing (PingWest)- Tencent-owned WeChat, China’s largest messaging app with 1.16 billion monthly active users, has partnered with Guangzhou government to host a live stream shopping festival in June.

WeChat’s mini program will be the one of major livestreaming tool that help merchants to organize live-streaming market campaigns for the shopping festival.

A livestream feature, which was embedded into mini program, will open to various merchants and retailers, allowing them to generate revenues and operate business in a new channel beside their own traditional offline channels.

The live stream feature will remain free to use for registered merchants during the testing phase.

“Merchants can achieve efficient interaction with users through mini-programs, it has following great advantages; Traffic belongs to merchants- there is no need to switch to other platform because all visits and volume transaction are all happened in WeChat, so it makes easier for merchants to maintain long-term operation. High conversion rate- Live stream feature can maximize the social and content integration of WeChat, consumer can leave comment and share links on the live streaming show, which enable merchants to better manage and use material and product inventories based on actual consumer demand, preferences.” Tencent noted in a statement on May 12th.

Demand for livestream has surged since many of China’s merchants were forced to cease operation for their physical stores started from January due to Covid-19, livestreaming has become critical sell channel for merchants and retailers to promote their products.

According to WeChat, merchants in grocery, tourism and fashion are by far the biggest beneficiaries of mini program livestreaming. For example, China’s largest online travel agent Ctrip Group has generated sales revenue of CNY100 million from WeChat’s mini-program livestreaming, while homegrown fashion brand Heilan Home recorded more than 3 million viewers in one live seesion. Leading Guangzhou-based enterprise like HomeFacialPro、MO&Co、Urban Revivo、GAC Motor all tapped into livestreams through WeChat’s mini program.