Baidu Uses AI Temperature Measurement System in Elementary Schools in Beijing

April 30, 2020 11:54 pm

Chinese tech giant Baidu has rolled out its AI temperature measurement system in a number of elementary schools in Haidian District, Beijing, including Peking University Elementary School, Zhongguancun No.1 and No.2 Primary Schools, and Balizhuang Primary School, in a bid to prepare for students’ return to school.

As most students go to school at the same time, they have to stand in a line to wait for forehead thermometers or infrared equipment devices to measure their body temperature, causing mass gathering.

Furthermore, these two measurement methods are inaccurate due to external factors such as wind, temperature, and strong sunlights.

Even though some devices are backed by some AI technology, they do not work well, as each student is required to wear a face mask, causing the device not able to locate the measurement spot on face accurately.

Baidu’s system is able to measure 200 people’s body temperatures in a minute. Students don’t have to stop to wait for measurement any more. The system can also screen people from a large crowd and sound an alert for inspectors to recheck those people’s temperatures.

The system also can identify face masks, caps, and more frequently worn clothes or accessories so as to find where on face to measure quickly. Moreover, algorithm used by Baidu is self-adaption that the results would not be affected by environment.