Indonesian Ride-Hailing Giant Gojek Launches Telemedicine Service

March 25, 2020 4:05 am

Beijing (PingWest)—Indonesian ride-hailing and food delivery giant Gojek has partnered with the Indonesian Ministry of Health and the integrated health platform Halodoc to launch a free telemedicine consultation service called "Check Covid-19" to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus in the Southeast Asian country.

The telemedicine service is supported by over 20,000 licensed and experienced doctors in the Halodoc ecosystem and is available as a shuffle card in the Gojek application.

If a user suspects that he/she is infected with the virus, doctors from Halodoc will attempt to treat the user by asking him/her to stay at home, self-isolate, and Gojek will deliver the prescribed medication to the user's home.

As the pandemic has spread to the populous country, authorities have imposed partial lockdowns on some major cities, including the capital Jakarta, which resulted in declining income for thousands of Gojek drivers and merchants.

Separately, co-chief executive officers and senior managers of Gojek have pledged to funnel 25% of their salaries over the next 12 months into a fund designed to support its drivers, merchants, and partners during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, Indonesia confirmed 107 new coronavirus cases, the biggest daily increase to date in the country, bringing the total number of cases to 686, according to Health Ministry official Achmad Yurianto.

The number of ride-hailing orders has also dropped extremely in China due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, and many drivers are facing the situation that no orders need to be serviced. In response, Chinese ride-hailing company Didi has launched on-demand delivery services in selected cities in the country.