315 AI

CCTV “315” LIVE: AI Robots Making 4 billion Crank Calls Per Year

March 15, 2019 10:42 pm

BEIJING(PingWest) – The 29th annual “315” was held this evening on CCTV –also known as global consumer rights day on March 15th. It revealed most crank calls in China were actually made by AI robots.

These “crank call robots” are designed specifically for a variety of industry advertisements and provided by EGOSAI and E-Technology Chip companies, per sold at RMB 3000. Each machine can make up to 5000 calls per day and add up to a startling number of 4 billion per year.

Named “Tanzhen box” — a smart device, was also criticized for illegally collecting consumer’s personal information via WLAN connections by secretly placing them in shopping malls and stores. They can read consumer’s phone number, age, education, and even income level. 

Chinese government is making strict punishment on illegal activities which harm the consumer rights. It is concerning which in the technology and data driven era, personal information safety is threatened and at risk.

The exposed technology companies contribute to illegal activities include:


ZK-Link Technology



Zhiziyun Technology

Lingwo Network



Caishen Technology

Shenzhen Smyfinancial Technology