Baidu to Implement Executive Retirement Plan as President Yaqin Zhang Taking the First Lead

March 15, 2019 4:04 pm

BEIJING(PingWest) — Baidu today announced its executive retirement plan as part of the efforts to give more opportunities for young talents promotion. Those who are born between 80s and 90s will be considered for promotion to management levels, as part of efforts to speed up leadership renewal.

Yaqin Zhang, Baidu president of new business, became the first senior executive opted to join the retirement plan. Baidu’s co-founder and chief executive Robin Li expressed his gratitude for Yaqin’s many years of hardwork and dedication, and the best wishes for his future. 

“I’m thankful for the opportunities that Robin and the company have given to me. Although I'll not be able to work with you anymore after October, I’ll always be part of the Baidu family and to grow with you together.” said Yaqin.