AT&T Expands Mobile Network in Kentucky

January 13, 2020 10:35 pm

Beijing (PingWest) — AT&T* added nearly 200 new cell sites to its 4G LTE network in Kentucky last year to help give customers faster, more reliable wireless service. The sites included 89 new macro cell towers and 110 small cells. Additionally, 5G service was expanded in the Louisville area bringing the latest technology to even more customers. These investments are part of the nearly $800 million AT&T has made in its Kentucky wireless and wireline networks over the last 3 years.

The majority of the new macro towers also include equipment to enable Fixed Wireless Internet service. This innovative service delivers an internet connection with typical download speeds of 25Mbps and upload speeds of at least 1Mbps.** The connection comes from a wireless tower to a fixed antenna on a customer's home or business, creating an efficient way to deliver last-mile high-speed internet to customers living in underserved rural areas. To date, we have made Fixed Wireless service available to more than 67,000 homes and small businesses in parts of 57 Kentucky counties.

The towers used to provide this service are connected to AT&T's network using AT&T fiber optics. AT&T has nearly 1.5 million strand miles of fiber optics covering Kentucky which enables the company to offer a wide variety of products and services delivering the high-speed connectivity Kentucky businesses and residents need.

"This technology improves our quality of life and delivers the world to our communities whether it be through the laptop of a corporate CEO or the iPad of a curious fifth grader," said Speaker of the House David Osborne. "AT&T's work on this project is appreciated, and with continued commitment to expanding coverage will provide yet another tool in the Commonwealth's effort to attract new investment."

"This expansion of access to wireless high-speed internet is incredibly important and makes the area more attractive to future investments," said Senate President Robert Stivers. "As we continue to work to develop a positive environment for investment, I am confident that the Commonwealth will keep pace with the changing market and be a competitive player in the effort to grow the economy and create jobs."

"We're committed to providing our customers fast, reliable, highly secure connectivity and this network expansion is a result of that commitment," said Hood Harris, President, AT&T Kentucky. "We're always working to provide better coverage and we're investing in our wireless network to accomplish that."

This added coverage will also benefit public safety and first responders on FirstNet – public safety's dedicated communications platform. FirstNet is being built with AT&T in a public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority. It's designed to help first responders in Kentucky and across the country connect to the critical information they need – when they need it – so they can keep themselves and the communities they serve safer.