Chief Scientist of Squirrel AI Learning Dr. Wei Cui Serves as Local Chair of ACM CIKM 2019 Conference

November 29, 2019 4:41 pm

BEIJING (PingWest) — Recently, ACM CIKM 2019, an international top event for information retrieval and data mining, was held in Beijing. As a world-renowned technology summit, this session took "AI for Future Life" as the theme, demonstrated the next generation technologies from the fields of AI and big data, and explored the critical role of AI technologies based on deep learning in the fields of information retrieval and data mining, which attracted nearly 1,000 experts and scholars from all over the world.

Dr. Wei Cui, the Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Squirrel AI Learning served as the Regional Chairman of the conference, bringing a brilliant sharing of application practice to everyone.

Dr. Wei Cui delivered a speech at the conference. In his speech, Dr. Wei Cui introduced the basic techniques used to build the system and performance assessment experiments. Squirrel AI's intelligent adaptive learning engine consists of a three-layer architecture: ontology layer, algorithm layer and interactive system.

Source: Squirrel AI Learning