Facebook Fired the Employee Who Protested for Qin’s Death

October 9, 2019 8:58 am

Menlo Park (PingWest)—Yin Yi, a senior software engineer of Facebook, was fired by the company due to so-called "lack of judgement." 

September 26, numerous people joined in front of Facebook's "thumbs-up" billboard to remember Qin Chen, the 38-year-old Chinese man who jumped from a building of the social media giant's headquarters in Menlo Park on September 19. The group is demanding a full investigation into the work conditions the man experienced up until his death.

Yi, the engineer who joined Facebook for several months, participated the event, calling on Facebook to announce the results of the investigation as soon as possible. However, on the morning of October 7, he received a dismissal letter from Facebook.

Facebook has kept all information about the incident confidential and deleted Chen's Facebook account activities immediately after his death.