Leaked Facebook Audio: Zuckerberg Plans To Combat TikTok Growth

October 4, 2019 1:24 am

On October 1, American tech media The Verge published two hours of audio and transcripts from two internal-only all-hands Q&As held by Zuckerberg at Facebook in July. 

A concerned employee asks Zuckerberg how Facebook plans to deal with TikTok’s explosive growth, especially among the younger demographic. Facebook’s core demographic is slowly skewing older as the service ages.

Zuckerberg admits that TikTok is doing well and says it’s the first major Chinese tech company to present a challenge. “TikTok – which is built by this company Beijing ByteDance – is really the first consumer internet product built by one of the Chinese tech giants that is doing quite well around the world. I think it’s past Instagram now in India in terms of scale,” he said.

Facebook has already built a TikTok competitor called Lasso. Zuckerberg intends to launch that app in countries where TikTok hasn’t caught on yet. Facebook quietly launched Lasso in November 2018, but the TikTok clone hasn’t caught on.

Source: Fortune