Microsoft Event 2019: New Surface Duo Phone, Surface Neo Tablet

October 3, 2019 0:55 am

New York (PingWest)—Microsoft announced the expected set of updates to its existing hardware lineup at its annual Surface hardware event in New York. 

The tech giant, which stopped producing phones years ago, is making a phone, again. Microsoft is hoping to stage a comeback with the Surface Duo. As the name suggests, the device has two screens, connected by a hinge. By partnering with Google, the device will be able to run apps from the Google Play Store, and will be available in holiday 2020.

The company also showed off updates to its Surface laptop lines, including the Surface Neo, a larger dual-screen laptop powered by a new version of Windows designed to allow apps and keyboards to work more seamlessly with these new devices. It too isn't being released until next year.

Other thing announced:

Source: CNET