South African Experts Affirmed the Importance of Huawei's Role in Providing ICT Services

July 10, 2019 10:39 am

Beijing (PingWest)—South African experts believe that with the rollout of 5G networks and other new technologies, global companies such as Huawei would continue playing a pivotal role in information and communications technology (ICT) services.

"It's very critical to have companies like Huawei in providing services in South Africa and across Africa, as we don't have some home-grown technologies that can roll out services as quickly, efficiently and powerfully as global players," said Arthur Goldstuck, an ICT expert at World Wide Worx, a technology market research company in South Africa.

According to Goldstuck, Huawei has close relations with other local companies in the ICT field.

Independent analyst and researcher Charley Lewis held the same view with Goldstuck. " Obviously, Huawei is one of the leading technology companies, and they have a key role to play in the market. It's important for them to support South Africa's engagement with the so-called 4th industrial revolution," he said.

Source: Xinhua News Agency