Bilibili set up a speedrun challenge for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

May 15, 2023 7:52 pm

Bilibili and have collaborated to launch a speedrun competition for the Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears. On May 11th, Bilibili, a Chinese ACG-themed video platform, announced the collaboration. This collaboration intends to integrate speedrun challenges, derivative content creation, and live broadcasts into the gaming experience.

On May 13, the the Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears speedrun competition officially began. The event drew a large number of talented Chinese broadcasters, who have the opportunity to demonstrate their speedrunning skills and compete for the top position, with a maximum reward of 5,000 yuan.

The release of the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which received a score of 10/10 from IGN, is one of the most anticipated games of recent years and has become a phenomenon in the Chinese gaming community, despite not being officially released in the country. is one of the most prominent game speedrunning platforms in the world, where players can set their own world records and secure a spot on speedrun leaderboards. In the past year, Speedrun attracted over 18 million visitors who submitted nearly 4 million speedrun challenges across more than 30,000 gaming communities.

By participating in the speedrun challenge on Bilibili and submitting valid speedrun results, players have the chance to have their accomplishments prominently displayed on's official leaderboards. Additionally, their usernames will be adorned with the "bilibili" suffix.

To further enhance the gaming experience, Bilibili has established a dedicated speedrun gaming section where users can enjoy live-streamed content related to speedrunning. Any valid speedrun records achieved during these live broadcasts will be integrated into's official leaderboards. Simultaneously, has introduced a Chinese section on its website, providing direct links to all the speedrun content available on Bilibili.

Even though Bilibili has been trying to expand beyond its original content categories of animation, cartoon and games, to include lifestyle, fashion, technology, and film/television, ACG content and sub-culture aficionados still remain the beating heart of Bilibili. In addition to promoting game-related content, the platform has dabbled with game publishing businesses. It has published titles such as  Fate/Grand Order, Azur Lane, and Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

Moreover, Bilibili has increased its external investments, with more than 20 gaming companies in its portfolio. These include companies like Zhandou Network (known for One Piece: Burning Will), Qingci Digital (known for the Strongest Snail), and Wuhan Shanbaihe (known for Shepherd's Heart).

The partnership between the platform and Speedrun can be viewed as a stride towards fortifying its gaming ecosystem, particularly in light of the recent criticism faced by Bilibili for deviating from its origins.