Nio continues European expansion with first battery swap station in Denmark

March 12, 2023 5:10 pm

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup Nio has unveiled its first battery swap station in Denmark, part of its goal to build 1,000 battery swap stations outside China over the next three years.  

The first Nio battery swapping station locates at the western Danish island of Zealand, about 100km southwest of Copenhagen.

This is not just the first Nio battery swap station in Denmark, but also the twelfth overall in five different European nations, following similar launches in Germany and Sweden,Norway and Netherlands.

By providing consumers with lower prices through battery lease programs and supporting them with an expanded network of EV battery swap stations, Nio aims to capture a larger share of the EV market in Europe.

About 388,000 third-party charging piles, 6 more supercharging stations, and 18 additional supercharging piles have also been installed by Nio throughout Europe.

The company's Power Europe Facility in Hungary, its first overseas facility, produces Nio battery swap stations for delivery throughout Europe. This facility will serve as the hub for the company's manufacturing, service, and R&D activities in Europe.

Battery swapping allows drivers to replace depleted packs quickly with fully charged ones, rather than plugging the vehicle into a charging point.

Nio is among the few EV makers that are betting on battery swapping as one of the major power solutions for electric cars.

According to a statement made by Nio's founder and chairman William Li, Nio plans to build 1,000 battery-swapping stations in China in 2023 to bring the total number of such facilities to 2,300 by year-end.