TikTok to allow creators to produce collections of long-format videos

March 8, 2023 10:35 pm

Chinese short-video sharing app TikTok said on Tuesday that it will allow select producers to compile collections of longer movies and charge their audience a fee for access, creating a new revenue stream for its users.

With its new "Series" feature, it will be possible for qualified creators to hide collections of up to 80 videos, each running for roughly 20 minutes, behind a paywall. Presently, videos on TikTok can be up to 10 minutes long.

It's unclear if TikTok will charge the creators a fee. In addition to managing a fund to provide incentives for creators to increase their audiences, the company currently gives its creators the option of receiving tips and gifts.

Douyin, known internationally as TikTok and operated by Beijing-based ByteDance, has stepped into long formats content since June,2019 when it started to allow content creators with large fan base to upload 15-minute-long video onto its app.

Short video platforms moved a further step into long form videos during Covid-19 pandemic when movie cinema chain remained shut down and news movies debut online.

The rise of short video and streaming platform has intensified the battle of over-the-top media service (OTT). In August, 2021, China Television Drama Production Industry Association (Ctpia), and more than 70 streaming sites including Baidu’s iQIYI, Alibaba’s Youku and Tencent Video, jointly issued a statement calling for short video platforms to protect copyright of film, TV shows and seek authorization before re-editing and spreading any contents.

“Short videos fulfill people’s desire and demand for content creation, display, sharing as well as watching films and TV shows during their short break or even few minutes between class or meeting, but copy infringement issues is getting worse that harm the healthy development of film and TV drama industry in the long run. We will take legal action against short video platform operators for unauthorized use of content, accounts and channels will be terminated due to copyright infringement,” the statement said.