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Alibaba Uses Blockchain Technology to Build Future Hospital

April 8, 2019 7:45 pm

Beijing (PingWest) – April 7-10, China's first World Health Expo is being held in Wuhan, central China. Alibaba Cloud announced at the conference on April 8 that its blockchain medical solution, developed jointly with Alipay, has been formally applied to the electronic prescription system of Wuhan Central Hospital. The blockchain medical solution is based on Alibaba Cloud's blockchain-as-a-service (Baas) and the Ant Blockchain technology of Alipay, which can integrate the various systems of the hospital, such as drugs distribution and payment, prescriptions and supervision. 

In the future, blockchain technology will encrypt and desensitize patients' information and drug circulation data to guarantee that prescriptions are not tampered with during the process of circulation, thus ensuring the safety of patients purchasing drugs through multiple channels.

"We and Alibaba are working together to build a future hospital," Yang Guoliang, the vice president of Wuhan Central Hospital said.

Source: Sina