NIO starts to ship battery swap station in Europe

September 17, 2022 0:48 pm

On September 16, Chinese electric vehicle company NIO announced that its Hungarian battery plant has rolled off and its first Power Swap Station and delivered to Germany.

NIO's Power Swap Station has over 1,000 battery swap station in China, and the company vowed to deploy 1,000 Power Swap Stations outside China by 2025.

PingWest reported in June that the Chinese EV company began to build factory plant in Hungary. And Budapest will also be Nio's manufacturing, service, and R&D center for its power products.

On June 1, NIO reorganized its European business development organization after staffing changes and underwhelmed performance in Europe.

NIO's global expansion began in Norway last year. 404 ES8s have been registered in the Norwegian market, with 604 more waiting to arrive for delivery. The company also put battery swap stations into use this January. 

At the NIO Day 2021 event on December 18 2021, NIO announced that it planned to enter Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark in 2022 and will offer products and services in 25 countries by 2025. Meanwhile, NIO test vehicles have since been spotted on the streets of Germany, Sweden, France, Italy and Spain, according to social media posts.

Hungary has been attracting many tech companies in the globe, including Samsung’s factory in Göd and SK Battery’s plant in Komárom. In this year, Chinese battery company EVE Energy and Enjie Holdings have respectively revealed plans to build factories in Debrecen, Hungary. CATL, NIO’s battery supplier and biggest lithium-ion battery manufacturer for EVs in the world, has also made plans regarding its new production center in Debrecen, per Hungarian media e-cars.