Gardening robots maker Heisenberg Robotics raised strategic investment to enhance its AI technology

September 17, 2022 8:42 am

Shenzhen-based Heisenberg Robotics, a provider of AI intelligent garden solutions, has raised a round of strategic investment two months after it disclosed angel round. Existing investors, DCM Ventures and J Ventures, paticipated in this round yet the amount has not been revealed.

The new money will be used to improve Heisenberg's intelligent algorithm platform and modular functional components to its gardening robot products.

Founded in early 2022, Heisenberg Robotics are focused on the garden scene in Europe and Americas. It offers Roomba-like robots that can perform mowing, edge cutting, sprinkling, blowing leaves, snow removal, cleaning, and other functions by removing and replacing modules. 

The founding team at Heisenberg has experienced in the autonomous driving sector, as a result, their products are capable of independent path planning and intelligent obstacle avoidance, and have the vision capability of L3 level autonomous driving passenger cars. 

Following the angel round, Heisenberg has established data collection teams in numerous nations using a variety of methods, amassed nearly petabytes of data for the training of artificial intelligence models, including data from tens of millions of high-precision image point clouds, and finished model training and annotation. 

After receiving the latest funding, Heisenberg will use its advantages in scene comprehension and data accumulation to advance the study and development more challenging senerios in gardening.