Kuaishou sets regional business units in Brazil and Indonesia

September 16, 2022 3:24 pm

Following the establishment of the TikTok competitor's foreign business section, Kuaishou has moved to restructure its global monetisation strategy.

Jiemian, a news source, reports that as of September 16, the company has segmented its international markets into three tiers: the first tier comprises Brazil and Indonesia, where Kuaishou has the highest DAU scale; the second consists of areas with the fastest DAU user growth; and the third group includes the rest of the world. Kuaishou formed its own regional commercialization team for the first tier.

It's interesting to note that after the restructuring, Kuaishou's global strategy appears to have bypassed Europe and the US, where TikTok is the market leader. According to Zheng Yanxiang, the head of commercialization for Kuaishou's international business, Kuaishou chose Brazil and Indonesia as two of its key international markets with a view to boosting commercialization, taking into account factors like the size of the local user base and market acceptance of short videos.

It is claimed that Chinese businesses with a need to expand internationally presently account for the majority of Kuaishou's advertising revenue in Brazil and Indonesia. To hasten the growth of regional advertising in Brazil and Indonesia, Kuaishou Commercialization is expanding the local Commercialization Team. In the future, local business in Brazil should make up 70% to 80%, according to Zheng Yanxiang.