Between our reporting and media events, we keep our hand on the pulse of the tech industry both in the US and in China, and have intimate, detailed knowledge of tech companies, sectors, and trends that goes far beyond what you’ll find in ordinary market and business reports.

Financial Equality Is “BASIC”

December, 27

Ant Financial is coming to Silicon Valley.

Twelve Tech Trends for 2018

December, 25

From Frog Design, these are the emerging trends in tech design to watch for in the new year.

Who Is Alipay For?

November, 29

China's mobile payments services are pushing hard to expand worldwide, but they're not winning over non-Chinese users just yet.

Anatomy of an Implosion

November, 22

The demise of the last real contender to Mobike and Ofo encapsulates the brutal realities of China's shared bike industry.

Silicon Valley’s Chinese Brain Drain

November, 09

Silicon Valley’s Chinese engineers are increasingly opting to move back to China, but it’s not necessarily the easy road it seems.

Get It Together, Airbnb

November, 04

A management scandal in Airbnb's Beijing office has cast doubt on the true quality of its company culture.

Kill the Zodiac Management

November, 01

Or, how to drop the superstition, guesswork, and confusion, and start managing people in ways that actually work.

SF WLTM Programmer

October, 17

At Alibaba's latest hackathon, one woman came looking for a husband for her daughter.

Alibaba's Modest Research Proposal

October, 17

Alibaba is creating a research institute with a truly global mission.

Unfolding Beijing

October, 13

A new startup is attempting to reshape the city.

Living the QR Life

October, 13

A primer on how the humble QR code is reshaping everyday life in China.

One Million Robots

October, 09 is a stealth robot company, charging headlong into the all-automated future.

Literacy for Robots

October, 02

Microsoft's Harry Shum believes the path to creating an AI that can think like a human is to first make one that can speak and read like a human.

The Alibaba and Canada Lovefest

September, 26

Alibaba woos an entire country with the promise of the world's largest ecommerce market.

Google's China Future

September, 26

In spite of everything, Google never truly left China. If fact, it's only just getting started.

China's Delivery Death Races

September, 19

Every day in China, legions of delivery people are pushed to the limit, all just to get people their lunches on time.

Didi's Reinvention

September, 19

Didi has been reshaping itself, so that it can reshape the future of transportation.

Alibaba's Coming of Age

September, 12

As Alibaba celebrates its 18th anniversary, it speaks louder than ever of the need for idealism.

Toutiao's Survival Strategy

September, 11

Toutiao is looking to expand its business, and in more ways than one.

A Brain for Your Phone

September, 04

Huawei intends to take AI out of the cloud and put it right into smartphones.

China's Esports Gamblers

September, 04

Four stories of how an old business plays in a new industry.

How Didi Works

August, 29

Didi has won the ride-hailing business in China, but that doesn't mean it can stop innovating: an interview of Yu Jun, Didi's head product manager on how the company is evolving its business.

Discovering the Value of Values

August, 25

Chinese tech companies do have values, even if they haven't yet figured out how to articulate them.

Studying Abroad

August, 23

We spoke with Francis Bea, head of global marketing at Zero Zero Robotics, about the learning curve that Chinese startups face in marketing abroad, and how the best are already succeeding.

China's AI Ambitions

August, 23

A breakdown of what's actually in China's new official AI strategy.

Human-Powered AI

August, 11

Andrew Ng's latest project isn't a new AI startup–it's potentially something far bigger.


August, 04

China is moving headlong into a cashless economy, and much sooner than anyone expected.

Didi's Grand Plans

August, 04

Didi doesn't want to be just a ride-hailing company. It wants to overturn modern transportation.

Caution: Years of Work Ahead

July, 28

From Beijing to Silicon Valley, self-driving cars are one of the hottest areas of innovation and investment, but the greatest challenge to their success is something more than just an engineering problem.

Bitcoin: A Chinese History

July, 24

Bitcoin's towering success in China was built on the waterways of the Tibetan plateau.

A Dubious Feminism

July, 17

There is well-intentioned support for women in China's startup industry, but it may not be much of an antidote to gender bias.

Where Baidu Goes from Here

July, 10

Baidu, once a giant, has lost some of its stature. Now, it is betting everything on two AI projects.

China's Feudal Internet

July, 04

China has never had real net neutrality, but Tencent is maneuvering to take on an unprecedented level of control over the country's internet.

The Analects of Jack Ma

June, 23

Jack Ma has a lot on his mind.

Mobike, Bike-Sharing, and Bonfires of Cash

June, 20

Mobike recently closed out $600M in its latest funding round. But just where is all this cash going?

Packaged Drama

June, 14

Last week saw a bit of drama erupt in an area not usually known for it: shipping logistics.

LeEco, the Meltdown

June, 09

a PingWest reporter paid a visit to the Silicon Valley headquarters of LeEco, a Chinese tech company that entered the US just eight months ago.

Creative Flailing

June, 02

From tablets to satellites, China’s bike-sharing companies are throwing money in every direction.

Where Is Xiaomi’s Place in the AI Future?

April, 26

Xiaomi recognizes the importance of AI, but it's not throwing its weight behind AI R&D. So just how does it expect to survive?

Killing Toutiao

April, 26

China's breakout news startup Toutiao is everyone's natural enemy.

China's Bike-Sharing Companies and Government Collide

April, 26

A new type of bike-sharing has shaken up urban transportation across China, and both the public and local governments are struggling to adapt.

Alibaba, and Why Counterfeiting Is a Hard Habit to Quit

April, 26

Everyone wants Alibaba to clean up its act on fake goods, including Alibaba, but things are not that easy.